AI Text Classifier

The AI Text Classifier is an online free tool that helps to detect your text and tells you how much percentage of your text is written by an AI and how much percentage of your text is written by a Human.

Convert Your Ai Text into Human Text

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What Does an AI text classifier Do?

There is no doubt that chatbots like ChatGPT have come along to make everyone nervous about how AI is going to work from this point on. This is the main reason why it is very important to be aware of the many things that AI is able to do. One of those things is to learn to detect content that is created by other AI and that is what the AI Text classifier does.

The AI text classifier will take just a few seconds to analyze hundreds of words. I will look through endless content to match it against the analyzed content.

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The result is to check if you have content on your website, blog, or even in a book that might be AI generated. Knowing this makes it easier for you to be aware of the quality of your content.

Why should you make use of an AI text classifier?

There are many reasons why it is important to detect AI content, but we are listing the top five that we consider to be most relevant.

Enhance Accuracy: AI content detection for text enables organizations to achieve higher accuracy. This is by identifying and flagging potentially sensitive or inappropriate content. It can precisely analyze vast amounts of text data, ensuring the detection and filtering of harmful or inappropriate content.

Save Time and Resources: With AI-powered content detection, organizations can automate the process of monitoring and filtering text content. This means saving valuable time and resources. Instead of manually reviewing each piece of text, AI can quickly and efficiently scan vast amounts of data. This allows human moderators to focus on higher-level tasks.

Improve User Experience: AI content detection helps organizations ensure that their platforms, websites, or applications provide a safe and positive user experience. By automatically identifying and removing harmful or offensive content, organizations can create a safer environment for their users. This leads to improved user satisfaction and engagement.

Mitigate Legal and Compliance Risks: Organizations are responsible for ensuring that their content complies with legal requirements. AI content detection can help identify violations of laws and regulations, such as hate speech, discrimination, or copyright infringement. This is important to help reduce the risk of legal consequences and the potential damage to your reputation.

Foster Inclusivity and Diversity: AI content detection can also promote inclusivity and diversity by identifying and addressing biased or discriminatory content. It can help organizations identify and rectify unconscious biases in their text content, leading to more inclusive and diverse messaging and fostering a positive and inclusive online community.

How Does an AI text classifier Work?

The AI text classifier detects how ChatGPT works, as this is the same company that created the software. Open AI created both the chatbot called ChatGPT and the AI text classified.

Some might wonder why the company would create software to defect its content, but the reason is simple. ChatGPT does not exist for people simply creating text for websites and blogs. The chatbot is meant to assist, not to replace writers.

This is also important to consider, given that major search engines like Google will penalize generic AI content. Once this type of content is detected, it is less likely to be allowed to rank. This means that publishing endless AI-generated text will likely be more damaging than good for companies.

Features of Our AI text classifier?

The text classifier features are a very intuitive and simple interface that anyone can use without issues, and it is also part of the same Open AI network that uses tools like ChatGPT. This makes it a very powerful and reliable tool that is very easy to use.

The best thing is that the Ai text classifier is the creation of the same people, so they know better than anyone out there how their AI works. That said, they have been very vocal about this being a beta release. This means that they will be doing many upgrades as time passes.

This is very good to know, making it seem like this detection tool has a bright future. Only time will tell how powerful AI will become, which means detectors need to evolve.

How to Use Our AI text classifier?


Today's time can also be called the time of artificial intelligence (A.I.). Because today you can do all your work with the help of A.I. So, nowadays, people are also generating their content from A.I which is very wrong for their website. Because Google does not rank A.I content. And those people who generate their content with A.I change something in it and put it in their blog or website, and then they do not know whether their content is still generated by A.I or not.

That's why we have created an Ai text classifier that will check your content in a few seconds and tell you how much percent of your content is A.I generated and how many percent humans generated.


Anybody that wants to check the content to see if it is written by a human or by AI will find our tool great. This is the reason why we recommend using it for all the text you publish online. This can be used to check content written by someone you hired or even content you wrote. Checking if it feels like AI content is always important. There is no limit number of uses and it is free to use.

Some people can accidentally write in a way that feels like AI generated content. This also allows the writer to learn to avoid patterns that might sound AI generated. That makes it the kind of tool that is truly worth using.